Getting the Most Out of Your Air Filters

A common misconception is that the "cheapest" filter is the best for a cost conscious application.  Frequently the cheapest filter is by far the most expensive solution.  ChemQuest has the product lines, equipment, and knowledge to help you find the most cost effective filters for your applications.  When you ask us about a filter survey, [...]

ChemQuest Conveyor Cleaning Service

ChemQuest Conveyor Cleaning Service. When your conveyor gets dirty, ChemQuest can help you clean it. Fast, safe, with no mess. We can clean I-Beams and Enclosed Conveyor Systems with our custom design cleaning system. We use two 10,000 psi spin nozzles for side cleaning and double upper and lower nozzles for cleaning top and bottom.

Dale Mulder Named CCAI Supplier of the Year

ChemQuest Sales Representative, Dale Mulder, was named "Supplier of the Year" for 2008 by the CCAI West Michigan Chapter.  The award was presented at the September 2008 meeting in Ludington, MI.  Dales works on the Chemical Coaters board and has shared his knowledge and energy helping to improve the state of finishing for Michigan industries. [...]

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